Who Needs Free Office Supplies?

Posted on July 29, 2010 in Freebies
Who Needs Free Office Supplies?

If you saw a sign somewhere with ''Free Office Supplies'' would you consider the offer? Chances are you would, because you know that there is nothing that you can lose by taking up a free offer and have the opportunity to sample a free product. You may even find that you reduce your business operating costs by a small percentage and invest the money elsewhere to make the business grow. Therefore, if you really decide to consider the ''Free office supplies'' sign seriously you could be in for great products with lasting quality.

When many companies decide to buy office supplies very few even consider the possibility of making their decision based on the free office supplies that they received from another company. They prepare a well elaborated list and spend hundreds of dollars in office supplies only to find that they do not attend to their needs. All of this could be avoided it the company took the time to research and see which suppliers are willing to offer free office supplies for them. This will give the opportunity to compare and products and get input from employees about certain products. It will also allow them to get discounted rates when they do decide to buy large quantities from a certain supplier.

Of all the free office supplies that are usually offered to businesses, stationery is the most notable one. Businesses receive pens, notepads, business cards and note it and rubber stamps to put their stamp of approval before placing a larger order.

New businesses that want to focus on growing rather than operations will find the free version of Intuit Quickbooks a software worth having. They will be able to keep track of 20 customers to start off their business and as they begin to grow they can always opt to get an upgrade. The free version has all the features as the paid version, just that they cater to businesses that have a larger client base. Businesses that do not intend to have more than 20 customers will benefit from the free version.

Free office supplies are not given with the intent of supplying stocks of materials, but only samples of chosen products. Some people would think that it is nonsense to consider offers being made by suppliers, because the quantity being offered is so small. It is true that generally free office samples come in a limited amount, but the saving that they proportion are greater. When given two products to compare, businesses will be able to list the benefits of one over the other and also compare the quality. This comparison will help them to save lots of money on larger quantities, because they know beforehand which of the products attend best to their needs. 

Whether you are starting a business for the fist time or have an established business that is looking at an astounding turn-over each year, it never hurts to try free office supplies. Not only will your business have an active role in the type of office supplies it uses, it will also give you the opportunity to know what you are getting for your money. 

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